Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Writer Profile: Josh Butler (That's me!)

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"World cinema appeals to the comic-book geek in me. Like a Marvel 'what if' issue, entering a theatre showing a foreign-language film is like going through a portal to an alternative reality where, rather than cutting its teeth on westerns, Hollywood's development was based in samurai movies, kung-fu films or big musical numbers (actually, scratch that last one). Watching these films feels like checking up with a long-lost cousin and seeing where the road less travelled by has taken them, and what they've got to show from it."

Date Of Birth: 05/04/1989
Favourite Films: Life Is Beautiful, The Happiness Of The Katakuris, Etre Et Avoir, My Neighbour Totoro, [REC]
Favourite Genres: Anime, Musical, Horror, Drama, Fantasy

"I'm a recent Film and English graduate of the UEA looking to forward my journalism on from student newspapers, and maintaining a much overlooked blog. I like quality TV (HBO providing a convenient benchmark for that tricky concept of 'quality') and am a keen gamer, despite my humble Wii and DS being left behind by this generation's consoles. I'm also into comics, graphic novels and explaining the distinction between the two."

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